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View of the exhibition
Metabolism_0006_Vector Smart Object
View of the exhibition
Metabolism_0005_Vector Smart Object
Metabolism_0004_Vector Smart Object
Metabolism_0003_Vector Smart Object
View of the exhibition
Metabolism_0002_Layer 10
View of the exhibition
Metabolism_0001_Layer 11
View of the exhibition
Metabolism_0000_Vector Smart Object

Exhibition design for “Metabolism” – the Bezalel Academy’s Design Masters program mid-year show, curated by Galit Shvo and Jonathan Hopp, and presented during Jerusalem Design Week 2014.

With over twenty projects, the curators have sectioned the work into three categories, in each two axes of projects, one of Technotopia and the other of Technophobia. The layout of the exhibition of space has placed these categories as a long Zig-Zag construction, with the axes laying back to back. Movement in the space could then flow either around the categories, or through each axis at a time. 3 works stood out of this system, while subtly relating to each category.

The predetermined conditions – Low budget, minimum assembly time, and assembly by students – have been used to define the structure of the furniture system. Construction “snakes” for each axis of each category of 1 meter height and 30cm depth, with a beam at 30cm height, were ordered pre-cut, with a differentiation in width based on the necessities of each work. Then, pre cut platforms adapted to the specific works were placed as tables, walls or stages, based on each work’s needs. Special constructions were designed for some of the works. The whole project used minimal Jigsaw work and a drill to be constructed, and was assembled by 2-men shifts during the course of  3 and a half days.