2016, Jerusalem | For “Mekudeshet” Festival

Design Team: Tal Erez, Ayala Israel, Dana Ben Shalom | Photo credit: Michal Fattal, Tal Erez

“Amen” was a one week event, which took place during “Mekudeshet” Festival 2016, where a committee of religious leaders from all three monotheistic religions built a programme of talks and events dealing with the similar and different between their customs, language, and views.

The design of a “Prayer house” for three religions at a small music community center required some dramatic moves. First, the room had to disappear, since it had lacked atmosphere (to say the least); Second, a sense of ceremony had to be introduced, so as to have the visitors to such a context go through a transformation before entering the content, and finally, at the request of the initiators, spiritual texts had to be incorporated.

The result is an upside-down field of prayers in three languages, silk printed white on white. As the visitors take their place in the space, they explore the field. When the evening is about to begin, the cloth is symmetrically gathered together to open up the space into a chapel, performed by the hosts of the event. The road into the chapel offers another ceremony, a series of semi-transparent curtain gates, along the outdoor corridor, where one fades away from his background, and fades into the room.

Objects & Installations