Event Horizon

2023, Israel | for Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design  | Design and Craft Biennale, Eretz Israel Museum | Photo credits: Dor Kedmi |

Participating Artists: Adva Kremer, David Shatz, Roni Yeheskel, Elad Medan, Shiri Mahler, Shai Dror, Amir Zobel, Alon Halamit, Hadar Mitz, Yossi Hayu, Daphne Dagan, Ram Peled, Adam Aronov 


The exhibition Event Horizon, was Bezalel Academy’s Design Masters presentation at the second Design and Craft Biennale at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.

For this exhibition the temporary Event Horizon collective was formed, which was in charge of the curation, design and production of a narrative of uncertainty, in process and result.

Where Can we still find a sense of certainty?

In Israel and abroad, the political system seems unable to stabilize. cience, and the interests that sometimes motivate it, is increasingly doubted, especially since the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. The economic system is becoming chaotic, media is unable to voice ascertained truths, and its various channels present parallel realities composed of alternative facts. The authority of these institutions of power is dissolving, as the information we consume is not edited, checked or confirmed.

It seems that we are nearing the “event horizon,” that boundary at the threshold of a black hole at which time seems to freeze, and information is no longer accessible to the observer. Technology offers us a post-humanist future in which the seeds of artificial intelligence are now being planted, yet what they might  blossom remains outside the sphere of our control. The absence of anchors disintegrates rational thinking as an organizing social concept, and leads to its abandonment in favor of personal, intuitive decisions often motivated by a combination of internal beliefs and partial, external information. Decisions of this kind, which are moving away from systemic thinking, undermine basic social constructs. Yet if we Examine these processes as cultural critics, we will discover that they constantly produce new forms of thought and action.

The exhibition “Event Horizon” seeks to succumb to uncertainty by offering different perspectives located on the same horizon – absurd and constructive, abstract and direct, aesthetic and research-based, while relating to the exhibition space as one which enfolds various possibilities, inviting visitors to walk on unstable ground, on the threshold of a black hole.


Objects & Installations