2016, Jerusalem | for Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Design and production team: Irit Gilan, Ayala Israel | Visual identity: Renana Irshai | Photo credit: Dor Kedmi

Graduate shows are always a tricky design brief, due to their lack of curatorial eye, resulting in works of different quality, volume, medium and layout.

For the design of the graduate show of the three industrial design masters tracks, a simple unifying concept has been selected. Aiming to unify both the very different nature of materials each track provides, as well as the sprawl of small to medium exhibition spaces at the venue – which are not continuous – a guiding horizon determining the height measure of all visual materials was laid out.

Using two materials to the define black and white backgrounds – grey foam and birch plywood – each student could create an optimal environment for his work depending on the way these materials were stacked, while the clear horizon and CNC milled student names and an “information strip” tied the works together to a single language and a clear spacial experience.

For unique works, unique solutions were derived from the exhibition system.

Objects & Installations