2010 | self initiated


*Presented at: MAK, Vienna (2014); Beit Binyamini, Tel Aviv (2017)

Propjects are objects that exist purely to represent ourselves on our web camera.

The interior is no longer private. As home-made movies and photos became in recent years a public domain, the privacy not only of our life, but of our most intimate spaces, has transformed into a shared property. While aiming to focus on the main character, We conference with our coworkers from our bedroom and living room, wherefrom we also publish are Vlogs and IG videos, opening the doors to millions of potential viewers into our once most private spaces. But with the same low-fi tools we possess – the same webcam, the same frame – we can also reimagine these interiors. This time not bound by financial means, details or physics, they can be fantastic, imaginative and impossible.

This is not only an invitation for creativity, or a question about representation. This is also a dialog about design, and an open call to contest its proficiency by opening it up, allowing it to stem bottom up, through the same echoing mechanism that memes work through.

Objects & Installations