The Archivist

2022, Israel | for Itim Ensemble and Gnazim archive of hebrew writers | Written and Directed by: Daniel Cohen Levi | Photo credits: Dor Kedmi

For this site specific play, taking place in the basement of the Ganzim archive for hebrew writers with an audience of fifteen and a single performer, a single set and three unique objects where designed.

A reversed projector hiding a webcam within a wooden box allowed to broadcast whatever is placed on it through two projectors at two sizes simultaneously. So, the index boxes were transformed into a huge screen which became a dynamic light source in the space, while a secondary screen allowed for a specific reading of the content; A cryptic wooden box opened to become a mystery archive of literary treasures; and a third piece of furniture was designed as the tool for the destructive highlight of the play.

Through the timeline of the play, each of the objects played a key role in color and light which gradually built the final setting of the storyline, generating an active dramaturgic dialogue between objects and text which advanced the play, transformed the setting, and expanded the performer and content to define the visual setting of this normally mundane technical space turned into a mysterious and intimate environment.


Objects & Installations