Gnuzim Live

2020, Israel | for Itim Ensemble and Gnazim, The Archive of Hebrew Writers

Credits:  Artistic directors: Zvi Sahar & Anat Safran | Music: Asaf Roth | Choreography: May Zarhy | Dancers: Mika Kupfer & Gilad Yerushalmi | Intro video: Yaniv Berman | Cast (by order of appearance): Eran Sar’el, Michal Kelman, Noa Barkai, Dror Keren |Video and Sound artworks (By order of appearance): Victoria Hanna, Oded Ezer, Ran Elmaliach, Yuval Arzi


Gnuzim Live was a live online performance broadcasted from the small rooms of the Israeli Archive for Hebrew Writers, commissioned and produced by Itim Ensemble.

This multidisciplinary event – conceived and performed in the midst of Covid quarantines – explored the challenges of combining recorded materials with a live performance, historical references with contemporary points of view, and the challenges of an archive as a stage. Collaborating with a theatre director, a choreographer, and a musician and using five webcams carefully placed around the archive, local performers were pre-recorded inside the archive from those predetermined points of view. Finally, the event utilised live editing and the use of chroma key as matter rather than backdrop to burst “holes” in the reality of the live streamed feed.

Objects & Installations