Seeing Sound

2017, Holon | For Design Museum Holon

Photo Credit: Dor Kedmi

The exhibition design of “Seeing Sound”, as part of the “Sound and matter in design” exhibitions at Design Museum Holon, crosses the three curatorial chapters as defined by curators Anat Safran, Lila Chitayat and Elissabetta Pisu, with three sensorial experiences. Freely expanding the commonly known measurement of “Eye level” into two new levels – “Ear level” and “Hand level”, each of these gets a different interpretation in the space.

With “Ear level” the audience first encounters an “Orchestra” of bluetooth speakers, each playing a different role in the arrangement done by Matan Daskal and “Castle in time” orchestra, inviting the visitors to explore not only the unique sound each speaker projects, but also the formal connotation between its appearance and the music it creates.

“Hand level” is translated into a central 100 sqm “Pool” of muted silicon strings, changing from a horizontal to a vertical layout, that both sections and defines the space as well as invite visitors to play and see the movement of sound, detached from its audio projection.

Finally, circulating the “pool” and beyond it, a series of different height all-black raw steel sheet tables are symmetrically extruded from the pool, presenting the key content of the exhibition, with its three chapters of stationary, mobile, and interactive objects.

The circulation in the space asks the visitors to walk forwards and then back-again through these chapters, which, through the curatorial definition, also mark a transformation in the way the visualization and utility of sound objects has been perceived.

Curated by: Anat Safran, Lila Chitayat, Elissabetta Pisu

Produced by: Sharon Shechter

Objects & Installations