STEP- Scenes from the History of Humankind

2022, Israel | for Itim Ensemble  | Photo credits: Yaniv Berman, Yair Meyuhas

Itim Ensemble presents a new theatrical production inspired by Yuval Noah Harari’s bestselling book ‘Sapiens.’ 

Long ago, Homo sapiens were just another animal of no particular importance. Now, we are masters of the earth, stronger than ever, lords of the universe, self-appointed gods. Gods, who don’t realize they are the last human species on earth. Is there anything more dangerous than gods who don’t know what they want?

In this new work, an adaptation for seven actors, a movie camera, and a single skeleton, the journey of Homo sapiens, of us, is brought to life. Our discoveries, our inventions, and our abilities explode onto the stage, laid bare in their beauty, wonder and raw power.

In his innovative and unique theater language, PuppetCinema, Zvi Sahar combines theater, movement, live cinema and puppetry and hunts for the answer to the ultimate question -what will be our next step?

Director: Zvi Sahar | Artistic Advisor: Rina Yerushalmi | Lightning Design: Shai Dror | Original Score: Shlomi Mantsur | Puppet Instructor: Gony Paz | Assistant Director, Movement Advisor: Shai Kessel | Sound operating: Kobe Shmuely

Participants: Omri Raveh, Yinon Cohen, Yuval Fingerman, Shani Shabtai, Yael Finkel, Chihiro Tazuro, Zvi Sahar.

Objects & Installations