Tales of Immensity

2021, Israel-US | With Dan Handel for Manifest Institute and Friedman Benda Gallery NYC | Objects: Misha Kahn | Choreography: Renana Raz | Digital Environments: Shawn Maximo | Original score: Asaf Roth | Texts by: Willa Cather, Elgin Cleckley, Charles Darwin, Loren Eiseley, Jack London, John Stilgoe, Charles Kuralt, Shane Reiner-Roth, Graciela Silvestri and Jorge Silvetti, Julian Street | Coordination: Alex Gilbert, Chelsey Cohen | Production Assistant: Olga Stadnuk | Documentation: Dor Kedmi

Co-created with curator and writer Dan Handel, Tales of Immensity is an experimental live performance initiated by Friedman Benda Gallery and Manifest Institute. Combining voices from the Manifest Journal, design objects by Misha Kahn, virtual environments by artist Shawn Maximo, dance by choreographer Renana Raz, and music by Asaf Roth. The performance creates a series of visual encounters in which notions of American immensity are explored through text, sound, and movement.

Composed as a three-act performance, each focusing on a facet of the experience of American space (encounter, crossing, immersion), Tales of Immensity uses multidisciplinary work and live editing techniques to question the boundaries between physical and virtual space, vast landscapes and human bodies, and past and future conceptions of American immensity.

Objects & Installations