Social Billboards

2009, Utrecht | for Utrecht Manifest – Social Design Biennale

Designed for and in collaboration with EventArchitectuur

These social billboards, designed for and in collaboration with dutch office EventArchitectuur, were made for the 2009 “Utrecht Manifest” social design biennale. They exhibited Posters by dutch firm MetaHaven and Placed in front of the various venues the event took place in.

The billboards re-examine the use of information in the public sphere, in all its political and social meanings. first, by the use of the billboard as a carrier of propaganda and information, many times political. Then, by adding social functions to it that react on that information. by adding a bench on the back of the billboard, the visitor can turn his back on the information displayed. by adding peep holes, he can hide behind it. by adding a window, the environment in which the billboard is placed becomes part of the information itself. in all of these cases, a new function is added to the billboard, as it encourages social intervention.

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