So Moving!

2023, Israel | for Tel Aviv Museum of Art  | Curation: Shua Ben Ari | Design team: Tal Erez & Amit Portman | Photo credits: Dor Kedmi

For this exhibition at Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s family center, curator Shua Ben Ari asked to explore movement as means of self expression . The exhibition “So Moving” presents contemporary and modern artworks that examine the richness of expression inherent in the movement of the body.

Thus, the design sought to imagine the visitors themselves and their use of their body as artifacts in the exhibition by laying out physical and subtle “calls for action”, in respect to each work presented – a dance floor and a shadow wall invited people to move looking at themselves while others look at them, pedestals for visitors facing those for statues invited visitors to pose, silent earphones created a surrounding to view movements detached from sound, etc.. aimed to frame a specific s interaction with each work, these calls for action could be activated or just observed by each visitor, seen as sort of a “second frame” around the works on show. 

spatially, the disconnected parts of the family center where tied together through three simple design principles which took over the spaces – parquet as horizontal surfaces, black contours as structural elements and pink color as backdrop. Two hanging screens at the center of the gallery space arranged the different chapters and the circulation, giving each work its autonomy within a fairly open space.

Participating artists: Nevin Aladağ, Oren Fischer, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Sensitive Sounds (Elif Öner & Evrim Kavcar)

Objects & Installations