Protest Station

2020, Tel Aviv | For Exit Strategies Art festival

in collaboration with 1:1 center for Art and Politics | Photo credits: Dor Kedmi

“Protest Station” envisions a new city infrastructure for protests – a marked territory for 49 people distanced 2m from each other. This is the maximum no. of people who could operate a protest without requiring a police permit, and are distanced by the instructions of the ministry of health. It aims to decentralise the idea of civil protest, which today occurs only in a handful of locations in the city, with protests which become large and costly permitted productions, measured by the no. of participators. This leaves protest in the hands of the few, targeting only high profile issues. Re-imagining protest as a neighbourhood platform, it calls for spontaneous gathering targeting various issues in various scales – from neighbourhood issues, through the municipal, national or global. These stations could work separately or in unison. The positioning of the station on both sidewalk and road highlights the apparent lack of public, unprogrammed space on the neighbourhood scale – such territory had to be reclaimed by the project.

Exit Strategies was curated by Renana Raz, Dafna Kron and Merav Perez.

Objects & Installations