Objects & Installations


2011, Milan | For Droog Design

Designed in collaboration with EvenetArchitectuur | Interface by Studio:Ludens

Photo Credits: Davide Lovatti, Tal Erez | Link to product page

Part of Droog Design’s “Design for download” project, Box-O-Rama thinks of Open Design as opening the planning stage, rather then manufacturing.
Made for CNC cutting, it allows the user to create furniture by arranging boxes of different proportions and scales on a standard plate of wood (122X244 cm). While the boxes are preplanned (but offer scaling) the composition is left open. When the user is satisfied the software calculates a construction envelope. This leads to 3d furniture that maintains the playfulness and openness of building blocks on one hand, while transforming it into a functional, fixed piece on the other. The scaling of the boxes also scales the plate thickness, which transforms the press fit structural detail into a decorative one. The user can then choose his level of involvement in manufacturing the piece and finishing it.