Objects & Installations

Bande à part

2013, Milan| for Z33 house for contemporary art and design

Photo credits: Kristof Vrancken (z33)

* Presented at: Z33, Ventura Lambrate, Salone del Mobile Milan (2013); Z33, Hasselt (2013) as part of exhibition ‘Design beyond production’; and at Vitra Design Museum (2017), MAK Vienna (2017) as part of exhibition ‘Hello, Robot’

A system of interconnected home 3D printers, creates, in affect, a distributed factory and turns the printer’s owner into a factory worker.’Bande à part’ investigates responsibility, ethics, community and control under such a premise.

The Installation is sectioned into parts. Small screens acting as the command center and project timeline of the designer, with items that vary from toys to weapons on the Agenda, and include a production facilities map and status. A large screen presents a surveillance over current production at the homes of producers. On a large table a series of 3D printed Model T toy cars are on show, serially produced through the imagined system.
The Installation aims to challenge the holistic perception of a Designer-Consumer-Manufacturer to be birthed by the 3rd industrial revolution, suggesting that the proposed system will set the designer at the top of the production chain pyramid, and will raise questions relating to two main facts: 1/ Home production cannot be governmentally regulated, 2/ Under this premise labor cannot be organized.
Curated by: Karen Verschooren
*This project was made possible by ‘3D Hubs’, an online platform for local 3D printing, Yair Gellis, Ohad Meyuhas, Oded Lahav,, Daniel Kondrateyev and Unfold Design studio.