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spaces_0004_Layer 2
Concept & Modules
spaces_0003_Layer 5
spaces_0002_Layer 7
Horizontal & Vertical layouts
spaces_0001_Layer 8
Spaces desk and library
spaces_0000_Layer 9
Scaled 3D tests
Playing with exact 1:6 scale models shows some of the numerous end results, always maintaining the design
Visitors configurations
In Milan stickers were offered of the modules of the system - here are some of the designs visitors created

*Designed for and in collaboration with EventArchitectuur

The Spaces furniture system aims to break boundaries. not just the classic boundaries between object and space, tearing away from the confinement of a white cube – the Spaces products work in context. The Spaces system also aims to break boundaries between designer and user. The design, based on a series of interiors EventArchitectuur designed since 2003, was transformed into modules based on functions (in the initial environment of the home office) – endless lines that can be cut at any length. This modules carry the genetic code of the design, the rhythmic qualities of it, while leaving the end result – wether programatic or aesthetic – open for the user’s choice. Here, interface also plays a key role, and the way the system is communicated is crucial for it’s use. This way a system is created, modular not only on the assembly stage, but on the design one.