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facadesandfunctions_0004_Layer 1
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In Milan Salone 2011
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* Designed in collaboration with EventArchitectuur for Droog design

*Part of Droog Design’s “Design for download” project
Facades & Functions uses a simple interface and standardized wooden plates cut into interlocking pieces to create a growing, almost limitless collection of furniture. By drawing outlines for functional boxes on predetermined furniture archetypes (a desk, a cabinet, a bench, a closet), the user can easily create combinations and interpretations, which in turn will be automatically transformed into manufacturing plans. From there on the user can choose his level of involvement in the manufacturing process. Knowledge and examples offered and constantly accumulated help the user with choices of materials and other tips, while various online networks offer  the link to manufacturing possibilities.
Facades & Functions creates an ever-growing catalog of possibilities, that while generated by a dialogue with the user is still framed by the project’s visual language.