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Instances at MASS – 10 designers on method, material and manufacturing; dutch design week 2011

The Instances project, a new project by myself in collaboration with designer Oded Lahav, will be presented at “MASS – 10 designers on method, materials and manufacturing”. The project deals with new relationships between designer, user and object, reflecting on a near future:

“With a 3d printer soon to be on every desktop equipped with re-usable material, an object’s continuous existence is a digital one, realized for an instance in the physical realm, then de-materialized. This future calls for personally contextualized objects, designed with a future to be determined by their user – a new design experience.”

Alongside the Instances project will be works by Francois Dumas & Erasmus Scherjon, studio FormaFantasma, Rachel Griffin,Max Lipsey and others.

For more information on MASS: www.makingmass.com; For more about instances please visit: www.talerez.com/instances