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*Designed with Kwak Chulan

Korea has changed rapidly and dramaticaly during the last 50 years. From a broken down country after 50 years of Japanese rule, World War II and the Korean war, to a super-industrialized, Hi-Tech, Rich and powerful country, whose economy is rated 13th in the world. The korean history is as old as that of china and yet the country has dramaticaly changed with it’s exposure to the west, and especialy in its buisness dealing with it.

Designed in Korea explores this differences through the Korean attitude towards design by looking at two design strategies found in Korea. first, in the way pre-industrialized Korea designed within korea and for Koreans, in its traditional design attitude; and second, by the way modern day Korea designs for the western market, to penatrate it and base itself within it.

To explore these strategies a test case subject was chosen: A vase designed for the traditional Korean flower arrangement.